Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

Alle Artikel, die mit "Shit Eating" markiert sind

This mistress hates disobedient slaves. When she learned that her slave had those tendencies, she had to make sure he changed. She punished him severely using her shit fetish. She turned him into her human toilet and had him make an improvised toilet seat which she used to shit into his mouth. By the time she was done with him, she knew he would never be disobedient again and he never was.

Mistress Anna loves to shit. She does it anytime she gets and today she wanted to do it to a loser. He had pissed her off and she had to send him a message that she was not one to mess with. So she crushed him and trampled him with her high heels and the pain made him obedient. He did all she wanted. She then had an easy time shitting into his mouth.

Mistress Christina was asked by a friend to punish a slave and she agreed. She knew of his mistake and she settled on shit fetish to punish him. The poor guy had to endure eating shit as the mistress turned him into her human toilet. She forced him to open his mouth and she emptied her bowel into it. She forced him to not only chew but to swallow as well.

This mistress did not like the service she was offered at the restaurant and she punished the waiter for it. She made him eat her shit while she smoked

This guy was obsessed with Mistress Mystique and wanted to fuck her brains out. She agreed but he had to do something for her. He agreed. She made him eat her shit and wash it down with her pee

It is bad enough being made to eat shit from one mistress. But this slave was made to eat shit from 5 mistresses. Imagine the amount of shit he ate

These mistresses were new to scat fetish but they were determined to go through with it. They made the slave eat shit but the mistress was disgusted by it and she puked on the slave

This ebony mistress has a big ass that produces a lot of shit. She did not want to clog her toilet so she used her slave as her human toilet

This mistress has a phobia for toilets. So she improvised one. She used her slave as a human toilet as well as a human toilet paper

Mistress Gaia's slave was thirsty and hungry. For water, she fed him pee and for food, she shit into his mouth

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Mistress Gaia