Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

Alle Artikel, die mit "Spitting" markiert sind

This girl looks very sexy! She ate a very exotic dinner. After a while she realizes that she has to shit very soon! This is no problem because she always has a human slave around she can use. The slave is tied up and can be used as a toilet any time. She starts to spit on him and then she unloads some big turds on him! What a great shitting clip!

Rachel Evans always takes care of her slaves. When she looks at him she has to find out that he sleeps. This will give her an idea - she pees into a bottle for him! She pisses and pisses and you can see that it's almost half a liter! Next she wakes him up, let's him smell her pee and then empties the golden liquid into his mouth! At the end she also lets him drink some of her spit...!

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