Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

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This Mistress is in the mood to be very hard-core today. Her plan is to have some fun with one of her slaves. She also is going to make a special video, because she wants her slave to understand his place in her world. She is going to shit numerous times into his mouth, and he isn't going to say a single word. She wants to properly train him on video.

Mistress Isabella is a very pretty woman that has a few slaves that totally enjoy all of her company. One of her favorite things to do is hard-core scat action. The reason she enjoys human shit eating is the fact that her slaves to worship her so much, that they will open their mouth and eat up all of her shit. She finds that to be quite amusing and entertainment.

Isabella wanted to make this slave learn never to disappoint her again. She made him eat her smelly and stinky shit and swallow it

... and be happy! My shit is soo delicious, isn't it!? I'm a goddess! And this makes my shit also divine! So you are really a lucky guy that I allow you to eat my brown cookies! I shit them at a plate for you and you will eat them - completely! Just use your lips and get everything up! And at the end I want you to smile! That's soo funny!

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