Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

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Goddess Andreea was disrespected by this guy and she could not forgive him. She is a forgiving mistress but he had done it one too many times for her to let it go. She used her shit fetish to teach him a lesson. She forced him to lie down and she squatted on top of him and took a dump on his face. She ordered him to eat the shit and swallow it. He never disrespected her again.

Just to know how weird these mistresses are, they decided to incorporate shit into what they were doing, talking about and eating

This girl has no toilet but a toilet seat. And this seems to be everything she needs! But she doesn't like to shit on the bathroom and make the whole floor dirty so she orders her slave to hold his hands right under the toilet seat. She starts to bring out a huge sausage! The shit pile lands on the slave's hand. But her asshole is still dirty! So she cleans her dirty hole with some toilet paper and puts the used paper into the mouth of the slave - tasty!

My slave is hungry again. Why does he always want something to eat...? This sucks! But I have an idea to stop him asking me again... Of course I ate a lot and it was very delicious! Now I have to shit very soon... I place a toast on a plate below a toilet seat and start to squeeze a huge shit pile out of my asshole right onto the toast! NOW my slave has something to eat!

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