Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

Alle Artikel, die mit "Pee Drinking" markiert sind

Goddess Luxurious has a sexy ass that this guy wanted to tap. But he was so rude and thought that just because he had money, she had to agree to his advances. She was pissed and decided to teach him a lesson seeing as he had never been taught one before. The mistress pretended she was interested in him but in the real sense, she wanted to punish him. She flirted with him and teased him and when he was hooked, she shit into his mouth and dominated him cruelly.

You just got your final exam paper. I had to give you some F's on your paper and you tell me that you would do anything to get a better grade! But I'm really not so sure if you can handle my tasks... Nevertheless here is the deal: You have to do whatever I'll tell you and you will get 10 A's for doing so! I move right in front of you and you can see me - like a dominant dark fetish goddess! I put down my dresser and shorts and you can see my sexy butt and tight asshole! To allow you a better view I spread my cheeks just for you! But now your task awaits you: You have to eat my shit and drink my pee! Of course you are disgusted and don't want to do so - but you have no other choice and open your mouth wide slowly...!

The caretaker went unconscious last time because we hit him very bad... but we won't stop! The stupid, ugly pig needs some more attention! So we continue to kick him again and again. Suddenly we need to go to the toilet. But then we had an idea: We could use the mouth of the caretaker instead...!? Because he already suffered so much before that his will is completely broken - and so he eats everything up and drinks our pee too...!

Today is a usual day, nothing special. The weather is not that good, some rain is falling - same as the shit coming right out of the asshole of our scat cat right into the slave's mug! Domi cat starts to shit into the mouth of the slave but soon Kimi cat follows too! To make it easier to chew the whole shit they serve him some pee too! The poor slave can be really lucky...!

Rachel Evans always takes care of her slaves. When she looks at him she has to find out that he sleeps. This will give her an idea - she pees into a bottle for him! She pisses and pisses and you can see that it's almost half a liter! Next she wakes him up, let's him smell her pee and then empties the golden liquid into his mouth! At the end she also lets him drink some of her spit...!

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