Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

Alle Artikel, die mit "Peeing" markiert sind

Miss Jane was not happy with the fact that her slave had disobeyed her instructions. He had done it openly thinking she would not do anything about it. She had to nip that behavior in the bud and she did. She did it cruelly by forcing him to lie down and eat her shit. She also trampled him with her high heel boots as he ate the shit to make it more painful.

Whenever she punishes a slave, this mistress has to make sure it is worth it. She is a cruel mistress and likes to torture slaves. But she only does it when it is justified and she ensures the slave will never forget it. Today she forced her slave to eat her shit and swallow it as part of his punishment. The poor guy could not do anything about it and had to do what he was told.

Mistress Rosella wanted to show her slave what she is really made of. She had not punished him and he took things for granted and she felt it had to end that day. So she called her friend to help her punish him. The mistresses undressed him and enjoyed shitting on him. The poor guy was turned into a human toilet and made to eat shit and swallow all of it.

This mistress wanted to recruit these girls into her scat and pee fetish club. She brought a loser and showed them how to degrade him

Domina Angi has to pee very urgently! So she fast undresses herself and knees atop of the toilet bowl - but she doesn't like aiming! She pees and pees and most of her pee lands onto the ground and messes everything up!

Sweetbaby has to go to toilet very soon! But when she reaches the bathroom she has to realize that the stupid slave dared to use the toilet of the sexy girls! Of course she cannot leave him without punishing him! So she orders him to lay down on the ground, open his mouth and drink whatever leaves her sexy pussy! But he does a bad job! So he also has to clean the ground and her boots with his tongue only!

Sandy likes to use human toilet slaves! She wants to fill the mouth with lot of shit and pee! Soon this slave has to find out... A huge bunch of shit lands into the mouth of the slave. It's hard to believe that he can eat everything... After some time she starts to pee into his mouth too - with the shit still lying there! She pees more than a minute and enjoys every second atop of the slave...!

Rachel Evans always takes care of her slaves. When she looks at him she has to find out that he sleeps. This will give her an idea - she pees into a bottle for him! She pisses and pisses and you can see that it's almost half a liter! Next she wakes him up, let's him smell her pee and then empties the golden liquid into his mouth! At the end she also lets him drink some of her spit...!

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