Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

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Mistresses Rosella and Contessa had a student. They were teaching her how to become a scat queen so they showed her what to do and how to do it. They brought a slave and they had her do what she had learned. They were surprised with how good she was at shitting the slave and following instructions given that she was a new student and had not learned a lot.

Mistress Anna and her friend have a fetish for shit. The mistresses are hot and naughty and that is how they get guys to humiliate. They like to play and flirt with guys and then surprise them by forcing them to eat their shit. While the guys expect to have sex with them, they find themselves eating shit instead. It is never a dull moment for the mistress and this one was no exception.

Goddess Luxurious has a sexy ass that this guy wanted to tap. But he was so rude and thought that just because he had money, she had to agree to his advances. She was pissed and decided to teach him a lesson seeing as he had never been taught one before. The mistress pretended she was interested in him but in the real sense, she wanted to punish him. She flirted with him and teased him and when he was hooked, she shit into his mouth and dominated him cruelly.

These mistresses did not like the fact that a bully had moved into their neighborhood. They had to teach him a lesson which they did cruelly. They had tried to warn him verbally but he did not listen. So they laid a trap for him and when they caught him, they forced him to eat a mixture of their pee, their spit, their shit and their puke. He never bullied anyone again.

Scatha wanted to prove a point. She took a loser and turned him into her human toilet. She made him eat her shit

Those two slaves still want something more! Or let's say they have to take something more... :D Me and my friends still play with the slaves. The slaves's heads are fixed on the floor and they cannot move - there is no escape! They can only remain on the ground and await their special treatment. A lot of shit is something we like to give them of course! But we have something more in mind. A wooden spoon is a useful tool...!

Mistress Gaia is more than you can dream about! She does all the things with you which you have always hoped to experience! Are you a long time fan of her? Or is this your first time? This doesn't matter! You will love this clip! There will be a huge pile of scat she shits into the metallic bowl under her ass! But this is only the beginning! Come and enter her world and serve her as a toilet slave!

Princess Tina is a very cute and beautiful girl. She has a soft skin and a nice smiling. Although she is a little bit shy she agreed to shit into the mouth of our human toilet! The toilet slave opens his mouth and is waiting for her thin sausage. And then she fills his mouth with some shit! After doing her work she went to Nikki very soon and told her the hot experience! We are sure that this wasn't her last time...!

Kiki never done something like this before! But she is very interested to find out and wants to humiliate useless pigs with her shit! Shitting on worthless male slaves is a great pleasure! He has his mouth wide open and she unloads nice turds right into it! And to further improve the experience she also sends some golden nectar down into his throat! He tried to eat it all but it was too much for the human toilet!

Those two new slaves believe that they are tough enough to stand our special treatment! But they will find out soon that they are wrong! Only their faces are visible on the ground. They cannot move and have to take whatever will happen to them... And of course it will happen something to them! They seem very hungry and so we decided to poop right into their faces! What a mess...!

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Mistress Gaia