Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

Alle Artikel, die mit "Dirty" markiert sind

A customer asked me to send him my shit and pee. He told me that he will pay me well so I decided that it's ok to send him the shit. I put a nice Disney Princess sandwich box below my asshole and started to push out the sausage. There was some shit still in my asshole - it's not so easy to shit clean! As an added bonus I decided to pee for him too. Of course he has to eat my shit immediately after receiving it...!

This slave is really dirty! He smells like shit and he looks ugly too! Of course the reason could be the shit in his face! One of the ladies shitted directly into his mouth before. She just wanted to humiliate him without a reason. They went down to the lake together and want to clean the face again - with some pee of course! And only with one other purpose: To cover the face with some shit again shortly after cleaning...!

So you like to watch hot and sexy girls? You always look at them although they think that you are a dirty bastard and they don't like it...!? But this will stop soon! These girls are going to kidnap you! And they will show you that you have to stop being such a pervert! But they do it their way... They let you watch them in very intimate moments... They are going to use you as their human toilet!

Those two new slaves believe that they are tough enough to stand our special treatment! But they will find out soon that they are wrong! Only their faces are visible on the ground. They cannot move and have to take whatever will happen to them... And of course it will happen something to them! They seem very hungry and so we decided to poop right into their faces! What a mess...!

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Mistress Gaia