Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

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This mistress has a phobia for toilets. So she improvised one. She used her slave as a human toilet as well as a human toilet paper

This slave is really dirty! He smells like shit and he looks ugly too! Of course the reason could be the shit in his face! One of the ladies shitted directly into his mouth before. She just wanted to humiliate him without a reason. They went down to the lake together and want to clean the face again - with some pee of course! And only with one other purpose: To cover the face with some shit again shortly after cleaning...!

This slave can not stay any pain! He whines about his sensitive nipples, he asks me to stop punching his balls. He is such a loser! But I'm going to teach him that this won't stop me! Of course it only enrages me even more! I hit him on his butt several times, again and again until it is red! But my ass plays an important role too: I shit him in his moaning mouth so he stops whining now!

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Mistress Gaia