Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

Alle Artikel, die mit "Toilet Slave" markiert sind

Mistress Luciana was mad that her boyfriend had used her credit card without telling her. She was even more mad when she learned that he had used it to buy silly stuff. She taught him a lesson never to do it again because he had bad credit and was on his way to ruining hers. She shit on him to send a strong and clear message and he got the message loud and clear.

Lady Amira is not one to be messed with. She was having sex with her boyfriend when he called her a different name. She was pissed and she taught him a lesson he will never forget. She crushed him with her high heels and made him lick her spit. She also made him lick her pee and she used a hard brush to rub his balls. When she was done with that, she kicked him in the balls, whipped him in the ass and finally pissed and shit on him.

These mistresses did not like the fact that a bully had moved into their neighborhood. They had to teach him a lesson which they did cruelly. They had tried to warn him verbally but he did not listen. So they laid a trap for him and when they caught him, they forced him to eat a mixture of their pee, their spit, their shit and their puke. He never bullied anyone again.

These mistresses were new to scat fetish but they were determined to go through with it. They made the slave eat shit but the mistress was disgusted by it and she puked on the slave

This slave pretended to be sick so as to avoid working. The mistress found out and punished him by making him eat her shit

This slave wanted to go for an off and the mistress could not hear of it. She punished him for even asking. She made him eat her shit

This mistress did not care what happened to her slave. She wanted him degraded and his spirit broken. She tied him up and shit into his mouth

I have always heard of scat fetish. But today, I want to try it. Watch how I show off my ass but end up shitting into the mouth of this guy who thinks he's about to fuck me

Mistress Adison went to the toilet and found there was no toilet paper. She was mad and called her slave and used her as her toilet paper

I really like to play with my slaves! It's so satisfying to humiliate some stupid, useless beings... and it's even more fun to train them to become a human toilet! So I start to unload lot of shit pieces right at his head - he looks soo hilarious! And at the end I want to reward him for his good performance - and brand his chest with my initials - M. G. !

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