Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

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Alexa wanted to make a new video for her blog. She was smartly dressed in jeans and she removed it and shit on herself in her pov video

You are my submissive slave - and you do whatever I want you to do, right...? So I have something special for you today! You can be really lucky - because I will let you eat my shit! You are allowed to be my human toilet! And you are also allowed to eat my shit right out of my ass! Just go down on your knees and beg me to allow you eat all soon! And don't let me wait - or the chance is gone...!

The girls are really happy to go home. The teacher was boring and the school is a very ugly place too. But now they can have some fun! They visit their slave and decide to play with him. He lies on the ground and is defenseless. There are too many girls and they have only one thing in common: Shit onto the face of the stupid slave! What a pity...!

Wow, I really like to play with my pee! My golden liquids are sooo sexy! :D But there is one more thing I like: Ordering you to drink my delicious nectar! I spread my legs and open my pussy so you can have a nice view on my sexy pussy lips and my pee! Now put your mouth below my pussy and start drinking it! But don't dare to waste a drip! Watching you drinking my pee makes me so horny that I have to play with my pussy til orgasm...!

Princess Tina is a very cute and beautiful girl. She has a soft skin and a nice smiling. Although she is a little bit shy she agreed to shit into the mouth of our human toilet! The toilet slave opens his mouth and is waiting for her thin sausage. And then she fills his mouth with some shit! After doing her work she went to Nikki very soon and told her the hot experience! We are sure that this wasn't her last time...!

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