Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

Alle Artikel, die mit "Shit Eating" markiert sind

This slave wanted to go for an off and the mistress could not hear of it. She punished him for even asking. She made him eat her shit

Keisha never forgets when someone wrongs her. This guy did and he lived to regret it. She shit into his mouth and made him eat as revenge

Just to know how weird these mistresses are, they decided to incorporate shit into what they were doing, talking about and eating

Sandy wanted to poop urgently and the toilet was too far away. She instead used her slave as her human toilet

It had been long since Nikki had degraded her slave. She did not want him to forget so she made him eat her shit for no apparent reason

These mistresses were having fun when they decided to have a loser and torture him. They got one and had fun shitting on him and degrading him

Scatha wanted to prove a point. She took a loser and turned him into her human toilet. She made him eat her shit

You just got your final exam paper. I had to give you some F's on your paper and you tell me that you would do anything to get a better grade! But I'm really not so sure if you can handle my tasks... Nevertheless here is the deal: You have to do whatever I'll tell you and you will get 10 A's for doing so! I move right in front of you and you can see me - like a dominant dark fetish goddess! I put down my dresser and shorts and you can see my sexy butt and tight asshole! To allow you a better view I spread my cheeks just for you! But now your task awaits you: You have to eat my shit and drink my pee! Of course you are disgusted and don't want to do so - but you have no other choice and open your mouth wide slowly...!

Marie and I like to feel comfortable. Of course this isn't that easy all the time... but when sitting at a toilet chair it's a very good feeling! And it's even more fun if a human toilet lies right under the chair with his mouth wide open, ready to take all your shit! So we don't wait for long and want to test the new toilet slave immediately! And the rest - check out yourself! :)

This stupid idiot had to learn that he is completely worthless! There is only one reason for his existence: to serve as a human toilet! And Mistress Mystique likes to teach him this lesson again and again! Maybe he was born as a man - but with his balls locked away and his dick crushed, he cannot use this useless thing anymore... and so he continues to improve his shit eating skills instead!

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Mistress Gaia