Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

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The caretaker went unconscious last time because we hit him very bad... but we won't stop! The stupid, ugly pig needs some more attention! So we continue to kick him again and again. Suddenly we need to go to the toilet. But then we had an idea: We could use the mouth of the caretaker instead...!? Because he already suffered so much before that his will is completely broken - and so he eats everything up and drinks our pee too...!

Today is a usual day, nothing special. The weather is not that good, some rain is falling - same as the shit coming right out of the asshole of our scat cat right into the slave's mug! Domi cat starts to shit into the mouth of the slave but soon Kimi cat follows too! To make it easier to chew the whole shit they serve him some pee too! The poor slave can be really lucky...!

... and be happy! My shit is soo delicious, isn't it!? I'm a goddess! And this makes my shit also divine! So you are really a lucky guy that I allow you to eat my brown cookies! I shit them at a plate for you and you will eat them - completely! Just use your lips and get everything up! And at the end I want you to smile! That's soo funny!

Yes, all toilet slaves are pigs! And so they deserve nothing else like shit! Come on, open your mouth wide, you stupid pig! Even more! Yes, that's better! Now I can unload a huge portion of shit directly into your mouth!

This girl looks very sexy! She ate a very exotic dinner. After a while she realizes that she has to shit very soon! This is no problem because she always has a human slave around she can use. The slave is tied up and can be used as a toilet any time. She starts to spit on him and then she unloads some big turds on him! What a great shitting clip!

Wow, this was sooo much fun! Together with my sexy girlfriends I ordered a stupid, old guy to eat lot of shit! He always tells me that he will do everything for me - now he had the chance to prove it! Do you believe he can handle the shit of five ladies...? Get the awesome clip now and find it out yourself! Very cruel and sexy human toilet humiliation!

This is a great chance for you! I offer you the opportunity to eat my shit and get a nice view while I shit! The first clip is me with you, waiting on the ground. Of course you have to open your mouth - and I will shit directly into it! The other clip gives you the chance to watch me shitting into the toilet from behind! This was a very strong and thick shit sausage!

You are my submissive slave - and you do whatever I want you to do, right...? So I have something special for you today! You can be really lucky - because I will let you eat my shit! You are allowed to be my human toilet! And you are also allowed to eat my shit right out of my ass! Just go down on your knees and beg me to allow you eat all soon! And don't let me wait - or the chance is gone...!

The toilet slave has to deal with lot of shit. This girl is the third one and she likes to use him like the other two girls used him before! The slave already lies on the ground - ready for some shit! So she doesn't wait any longer and shits a big pile of shit right into his mouth! Completely covered with shit he has to chew everything or he has no chance to breathe anymore...!

Jessica is a BBW model with a big, fat booty! She has eaten lot of different things and now her stomach is trembling. She knows that she has to take a shit very soon! But there is something else she likes to do... and she can combine both things! She orders her slave to put his face right below her delicious butt - and then starts to shit on him! He has to deal with lot of shit... poor guy!

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