Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

Mistress Mystique knew this guy was crazy about her ass. She made him lick it and her pussy too but the bonus was shitting on his face

Isabella wanted to make this slave learn never to disappoint her again. She made him eat her smelly and stinky shit and swallow it

This mistress did not care what happened to her slave. She wanted him degraded and his spirit broken. She tied him up and shit into his mouth

Keisha never forgets when someone wrongs her. This guy did and he lived to regret it. She shit into his mouth and made him eat as revenge

I have always heard of scat fetish. But today, I want to try it. Watch how I show off my ass but end up shitting into the mouth of this guy who thinks he's about to fuck me

These mistresses wanted to punish this bully. They made him their human toilet by shitting on him and making him eat their shit

Alexa felt like shitting. She was so pressed she could not move. She lost the battle and decided to shit on herself

Just to know how weird these mistresses are, they decided to incorporate shit into what they were doing, talking about and eating

Mistress Gaia wanted to cut back on her expenses. Top on her list was toilet paper. She resolved to use her slave as toilet paper

Sandy wanted to poop urgently and the toilet was too far away. She instead used her slave as her human toilet

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Mistress Gaia