Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

Mistress Gaia saved her shit for the slave. She had not gone to the toilet for a few days. She then called her slave and unleashed all of it on his face

These mistresses were new to scat fetish but they were determined to go through with it. They made the slave eat shit but the mistress was disgusted by it and she puked on the slave

Jane and her friend love having fun. And they do not like to put boundaries to it. This time they wanted to pee on a loser and they got one and made him drink their pee

This ebony mistress has a big ass that produces a lot of shit. She did not want to clog her toilet so she used her slave as her human toilet

This mistress has a phobia for toilets. So she improvised one. She used her slave as a human toilet as well as a human toilet paper

This slave pretended to be sick so as to avoid working. The mistress found out and punished him by making him eat her shit

Since Alexa discovered scat fetish, she has never looked back. She loves staying alone indoors so that she can play with her shit

These mistresses ganged up on this guy and punished him. He had played on them and it was payback time. They shit and made him eat it

Mistress Gaia's slave was thirsty and hungry. For water, she fed him pee and for food, she shit into his mouth

This slave wanted to go for an off and the mistress could not hear of it. She punished him for even asking. She made him eat her shit

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Mistress Gaia