Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

Domi Cat is a very dominating woman. She has always enjoyed all of her time spent with human toilet slaves, because most of them are already trained. Her goal is to wait until one of her human toilets arrives, because her plan is to take one of the biggest shits she has ever done directly into his mouth. She wants him to get a good taste of just how dirty she can be.

Two mistresses that are very hard-core plan on completely torturing a slave. They are going to do many different things to a slave, because they want him to understand just how pathetic he really is. He is going to get the ultimate human toilet slave treatment that is going to involve a great deal of golden showers and lots of stinky shit that will be all over his body and his mouth.

A human toilet seat is going to get very dirty on a wonderful afternoon with a hard-core mistress. She loves to do many different things to her slaves, including taking fresh shits on them over and over again. She also enjoys smearing all of the warm shit across them, because she finds it to be amusing and she also likes to watch the slave cleanup the entire dirty mess.

Cat's is a mistress that loves to do many different types of activities to her slaves. One of her favorite things to do is get really dirty, because she wants her slave to clean up the entire mess. Her plan is to stick her fingers down her throat, because she wants the slave to eat off all of her fresh puke. Then, she will begin to start shitting everywhere.

Jordan is one of the most hard-core ladies around. One of the reasons why she is so hard-core, is because she never takes any shit from a slave. One of her specialties are hard-core scat action, but she also enjoys having her friend come over and puke into the mouth of her slave. They will also humiliate them and they will torture him with various toys that are quite painful.

Lady Amira is a very attractive woman that loves to spend time with all of her slaves. However, spending time with this mistress can be quite brutal. She enjoys training human toilet slaves on a regular basis. She spends more time on a human toilet than she does using her very own bathroom. She loves to shit into mouth and she also enjoys hard-core toilet humiliation that is quite brutal.

This Mistress is in the mood to be very hard-core today. Her plan is to have some fun with one of her slaves. She also is going to make a special video, because she wants her slave to understand his place in her world. She is going to shit numerous times into his mouth, and he isn't going to say a single word. She wants to properly train him on video.

This lovely woman is going to have some fun with her friends. She has always been quite entertaining, but when she gets together with all of her girlfriends, things can get quite dirty fast. Her plan is to teach them all about hard-core scat action, so that they can each take a turn shitting on her human toilet slave that must obey all of her commands no matter what.

A slave is going to have a hard-core human toilet training session. The slave knows what is expected of him, but he does not always know what his mistress has planned. He already knows that opening his mouth and drinking lots of golden nectar is going to be part of everything, but he may have to also eat a huge mouthful of warm shit. His mistress is very dominating and strong.

Melissa is in the mood for some hard-core fun, that is going to involve one of her slaves. She decided to have one of her friends over that also specializes in hard-core scat action. Together the two of them are going to make sure that the slave is going to have plenty of shit to eat. They plan on making him eat pile after pile of warm creamy shit.

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