Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

Lucy is a great mistress that loves to wear her latex outfits. She also has a wonderful time using her human toilet seat, because he is so pathetic. Her goal is to make her human toilet the ultimate shit eating machine and she also is going to make a huge pile of shit directly into his mouth. She loves to humiliate her losers slave, because he is so worthless.

This powerful mistress is very good at humiliation and she also enjoys doing horrible things to all of her slaves. The fun part about this woman is the fact that she is pregnant, so when she decides it is time to take a shit, she is going to be sure that she has tons of shit for her slave that is underneath her chair. She loves hard-core scat action.

This mistress is one of the most hard-core women that has ever decided it was time to start training slaves to eat her shit. She loves to have some fun with ass to mouth slave training, but she does not stop there. She also likes to make them open their mouth and eat out of all of her warm shit directly from her asshole. She is so sadistic.

A mistress is going to have a great time with one of her slaves. She recently treated him like a whole human toilet, and he completely enjoys the entire experience. Her goal is to make sure that he understands his place in her life, which is on the ground opening up his mouth eating large quantities of her human shit. She takes great pride in scat humiliation.

When this mistress gets ready to have some fun, she is going to really go all out for the first time doing any type of hard-core scat action. She is going to use her human toilet seat and she also is going to push out shit right into the mouth of her new slave that loves to endure all types of punishment. She is having a total blast with humiliation.

This mistress did not like the service she was offered at the restaurant and she punished the waiter for it. She made him eat her shit while she smoked

This guy was obsessed with Mistress Mystique and wanted to fuck her brains out. She agreed but he had to do something for her. He agreed. She made him eat her shit and wash it down with her pee

Alexa wanted to make a new video for her blog. She was smartly dressed in jeans and she removed it and shit on herself in her pov video

These mistresses had a shit convention. And it would not end without them humiliating and degrading a slave. The unlucky slave was made to eat shit from all the mistresses

It is bad enough being made to eat shit from one mistress. But this slave was made to eat shit from 5 mistresses. Imagine the amount of shit he ate

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