Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

Sandy likes to use human toilet slaves! She wants to fill the mouth with lot of shit and pee! Soon this slave has to find out... A huge bunch of shit lands into the mouth of the slave. It's hard to believe that he can eat everything... After some time she starts to pee into his mouth too - with the shit still lying there! She pees more than a minute and enjoys every second atop of the slave...!

Rachel Evans always takes care of her slaves. When she looks at him she has to find out that he sleeps. This will give her an idea - she pees into a bottle for him! She pisses and pisses and you can see that it's almost half a liter! Next she wakes him up, let's him smell her pee and then empties the golden liquid into his mouth! At the end she also lets him drink some of her spit...!

The stupid slave payed me 300 $ to be my toilet slave today. Of course I agreed - and ate lot of stuff to give him a huge amount of shit into his mouth. He has to chew everything ;-) You can also see my brushing and flushing the toilet as you normally would do *g* This is a great clip - Inspired by another clip made before - with a lot of nasty things too...!

A customer asked me to send him my shit and pee. He told me that he will pay me well so I decided that it's ok to send him the shit. I put a nice Disney Princess sandwich box below my asshole and started to push out the sausage. There was some shit still in my asshole - it's not so easy to shit clean! As an added bonus I decided to pee for him too. Of course he has to eat my shit immediately after receiving it...!

This slave is really dirty! He smells like shit and he looks ugly too! Of course the reason could be the shit in his face! One of the ladies shitted directly into his mouth before. She just wanted to humiliate him without a reason. They went down to the lake together and want to clean the face again - with some pee of course! And only with one other purpose: To cover the face with some shit again shortly after cleaning...!

Do you love my big and fat ass? Of course you do! And this useless piece of shit also liked my phat ass! But if you are not allowed to stare at this booty you will have to pay the price... and the price is some of my shit into your mouth! What do you say? You didn't wanted to be so close enough to my ass...? What a pity! But you will come even closer... Lick my asshole clean again, bitch!

These three girls like to have a nice day. They were talking and eating in the kitchen and have a lot of fun. But after some time they have to go to toilet of course! They have a new human toilet and they are a little bit excited. They want to defecate on his face and need to get used to it because they will have to do it a long time from now on. But it seems that they like it very soon...!

Those two slaves still want something more! Or let's say they have to take something more... :D Me and my friends still play with the slaves. The slaves's heads are fixed on the floor and they cannot move - there is no escape! They can only remain on the ground and await their special treatment. A lot of shit is something we like to give them of course! But we have something more in mind. A wooden spoon is a useful tool...!

We were at the hotel to stay the night. At the front desk the bitch told us that they have a biological toilet in the wardrobe. At first I was very surprised and I wasn't sure what she tried to tell us. But then I found out! There is a living toilet lying on the ground awaiting something to eat. And of course I want to check it out as soon as possible and shit and pee direct into his opened mouth...!

This girl has no toilet but a toilet seat. And this seems to be everything she needs! But she doesn't like to shit on the bathroom and make the whole floor dirty so she orders her slave to hold his hands right under the toilet seat. She starts to bring out a huge sausage! The shit pile lands on the slave's hand. But her asshole is still dirty! So she cleans her dirty hole with some toilet paper and puts the used paper into the mouth of the slave - tasty!

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