Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

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Marie and I like to feel comfortable. Of course this isn't that easy all the time... but when sitting at a toilet chair it's a very good feeling! And it's even more fun if a human toilet lies right under the chair with his mouth wide open, ready to take all your shit! So we don't wait for long and want to test the new toilet slave immediately! And the rest - check out yourself! :)

Wow! This shit sausage was unbelievable long! Five girls use the human toilet slave to clear out their bowels. The first girl is going to start to use his mouth. She takes a seat right above his head. The poor toilet slave has a good view at her tiny asshole. But then something unbelievable happens - she unloads such a HUGE and LONG scat sausage right into his mouth! I'm sure this is the biggest pile of scat coming right out of one ass you ever saw...!?

This stupid idiot had to learn that he is completely worthless! There is only one reason for his existence: to serve as a human toilet! And Mistress Mystique likes to teach him this lesson again and again! Maybe he was born as a man - but with his balls locked away and his dick crushed, he cannot use this useless thing anymore... and so he continues to improve his shit eating skills instead!

What a poor guy! He is completely helpless against so much nasty girls! But of course he deserves nothing else than such a humiliation! The girls put him below a toilet seat and tell him that HE will be the toilet from now on! They use his face and mouth to shit at and order him to eat all of their scat! To clean everything up they use a toilet brush - and smear up everything again...!

Wow, this was sooo much fun! Together with my sexy girlfriends I ordered a stupid, old guy to eat lot of shit! He always tells me that he will do everything for me - now he had the chance to prove it! Do you believe he can handle the shit of five ladies...? Get the awesome clip now and find it out yourself! Very cruel and sexy human toilet humiliation!

This is a great chance for you! I offer you the opportunity to eat my shit and get a nice view while I shit! The first clip is me with you, waiting on the ground. Of course you have to open your mouth - and I will shit directly into it! The other clip gives you the chance to watch me shitting into the toilet from behind! This was a very strong and thick shit sausage!

You are my submissive slave - and you do whatever I want you to do, right...? So I have something special for you today! You can be really lucky - because I will let you eat my shit! You are allowed to be my human toilet! And you are also allowed to eat my shit right out of my ass! Just go down on your knees and beg me to allow you eat all soon! And don't let me wait - or the chance is gone...!

The toilet slave has to deal with lot of shit. This girl is the third one and she likes to use him like the other two girls used him before! The slave already lies on the ground - ready for some shit! So she doesn't wait any longer and shits a big pile of shit right into his mouth! Completely covered with shit he has to chew everything or he has no chance to breathe anymore...!

This slave has a poor destiny. He was used as a toilet slave before and now he will be used again and again. And Mistress Adison knows that he has no chance nor will to resist her! She puts her asshole right above his mouth and starts to push lot of shit out of her hole! Her shit covers the whole mouth of the slave and it's hard to breath without smelling the warm shit - and eating some of it too...!

This slave is really dirty! He smells like shit and he looks ugly too! Of course the reason could be the shit in his face! One of the ladies shitted directly into his mouth before. She just wanted to humiliate him without a reason. They went down to the lake together and want to clean the face again - with some pee of course! And only with one other purpose: To cover the face with some shit again shortly after cleaning...!

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