Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

Alle Artikel, die mit "Shit" markiert sind

Kim is a very sexy woman that loves to make different types of videos on a regular basis for all of her viewers. Many of the men that love to watch her videos are into hard-core scat action. She is going to take a huge shit, then she will make sure that she makes the best video possible. She wants all of her viewers to beg to eat her shit.

Princess Sandy loves to have fun while she is sitting on her human toilet. One of the reasons why she finds it so much fun, is the fact that she gets to trample her slave and she also gets to shit right on top of him. Being able to do that to her slave is something she finds terrific. She also likes to hear her slave beg for mercy.

Mistress Isabella is a very pretty woman that has a few slaves that totally enjoy all of her company. One of her favorite things to do is hard-core scat action. The reason she enjoys human shit eating is the fact that her slaves to worship her so much, that they will open their mouth and eat up all of her shit. She finds that to be quite amusing and entertainment.

Kimi is a mistress that has a few hidden talents that can be extremely interesting, especially to a slave that has a hard-core scat fetish. Her plan is to take huge shits in different areas of her home, but she also is going to make her slave open wide, because he needs to swallow every single bit of her warm creamy shit. She loves training human toilet seats, because they are so pathetic.

This amazing woman loves to have fun with her slave. She has always enjoyed her human toilet seat, but lately she is having much more fun than she ever expected. She is going to pull her ass cheeks apart, then she plans on pushing out a gigantic shit right onto a platform that will slowly drop into her slaves mouth. She is quite pleased with her scat hard-core training.

A brand-new toilet slave is going to find out what it is like to have not one, but three different women take their turns shitting on him. He is generally quite a loser and he is quite submissive, so the task of taking a giant shit into his mouth is not going to be a difficult task. The ladies love looking at all of the shit into his mouth.

A slave is going to learn exactly how hard-core a mistress can be during a training session. Many mistresses prefer to train their slaves the way they want them to behave, so when this slave is expected to bring his mistress money, she is going to be very dominant and she is going to make sure that he understands just how sexy she truly is and that she is the boss.

Lucy is a great mistress that loves to wear her latex outfits. She also has a wonderful time using her human toilet seat, because he is so pathetic. Her goal is to make her human toilet the ultimate shit eating machine and she also is going to make a huge pile of shit directly into his mouth. She loves to humiliate her losers slave, because he is so worthless.

This powerful mistress is very good at humiliation and she also enjoys doing horrible things to all of her slaves. The fun part about this woman is the fact that she is pregnant, so when she decides it is time to take a shit, she is going to be sure that she has tons of shit for her slave that is underneath her chair. She loves hard-core scat action.

This mistress is one of the most hard-core women that has ever decided it was time to start training slaves to eat her shit. She loves to have some fun with ass to mouth slave training, but she does not stop there. She also likes to make them open their mouth and eat out of all of her warm shit directly from her asshole. She is so sadistic.

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