Femdom Toilet Slave

Forced to be a human toilet. Femdom toilet service.

Alle Artikel, die mit "Shit" markiert sind

So you like to watch hot and sexy girls? You always look at them although they think that you are a dirty bastard and they don't like it...!? But this will stop soon! These girls are going to kidnap you! And they will show you that you have to stop being such a pervert! But they do it their way... They let you watch them in very intimate moments... They are going to use you as their human toilet!

Those two new slaves believe that they are tough enough to stand our special treatment! But they will find out soon that they are wrong! Only their faces are visible on the ground. They cannot move and have to take whatever will happen to them... And of course it will happen something to them! They seem very hungry and so we decided to poop right into their faces! What a mess...!

My slave is hungry again. Why does he always want something to eat...? This sucks! But I have an idea to stop him asking me again... Of course I ate a lot and it was very delicious! Now I have to shit very soon... I place a toast on a plate below a toilet seat and start to squeeze a huge shit pile out of my asshole right onto the toast! NOW my slave has something to eat!

This slave can not stay any pain! He whines about his sensitive nipples, he asks me to stop punching his balls. He is such a loser! But I'm going to teach him that this won't stop me! Of course it only enrages me even more! I hit him on his butt several times, again and again until it is red! But my ass plays an important role too: I shit him in his moaning mouth so he stops whining now!

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Mistress Gaia